...There are many answers to the question what is art?, and even more opinions on what it is not. As language or form, its materiality has been treated and argued for in a variety of ways and finds itself conceptualized by a swirling of propositions in aesthetics. In the prism of the fundamental capacity of humans to render their Worlds in symbols—in logical and pre-logical forms—the

non in Daniela Baldelli’s work supports the need for the concrete without asking what it con- veys or whether it ever intended to convey anything at all. While it is common to suggest that art represents some kind of language, those to whom non in Daniela’s work speaks, know that its rhetoric consists more of a gaseous substance. A vapor that constantly reacts with the beholder, intoxicating the mind and indexing one’s thoughts anew with every single breath. Less an antithe- sis of art than an extension of its meaning, non is best described as the moment in which all our counter-concepts of the world re-enter the circle for intellectual play. Significance is not con- strued, but pours out through the cracks of shattered bodies, revealing a stream of fleeting poten- tiality.

Text :
Ilona Gaikis



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