The question of artistic production and its support has always been central to the conception of Baldelli's installations.
Today her practice is clearly divided in two different axes: "Le Non Travail "(Non-Work) and "Le Travail "(Work),
two definitions that distinguish two main aspects of her artistic research, but can also be interpreted as the central and peripheral part of the same body. These two definitions are closely linked to the very notion of work, as well as to the French language.  Marked by a physical presence and manual practice, these two axes, centred on the notion of order, transformation, as well on the notion of migration and space, are nevertheless strongly influenced by language and also by the introduction and development of new technologies in our daily lives.
Baldelli Graduate at the Fine Arts Academy in Karlsruhe, Germany, and she moved to Paris in 2010 after being awarded with a residency grant at the Cité international des arts. Her installations and performances has been exhibited in various galleries and institutions in Berlin, Düsseldorf, Copenhagen, Milan and Paris.
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